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I have a question. Does this allow me to customize the file paths for the files I pack?

For example can I get a file at res://Graphic/icon.png and pck it at the file path res://Graphic/UI/64x/icon.png ??

When you pack the PCK, you specify the root folder that will be packed with the hierarchy preserved. First, unpack the PCK somewhere, then change the contents of the extracted files and specify the same folder when packing.

  • But there are problems here: Firstly, usually exported resources/textures are not located like res://Graphic/icon.png'. This path usually contains a remap file that references file inside .godot/imported`.
  • Secondly, this image can be loaded from the script, which will also have to be changed.

I see.
The reason I ask this question is because my file path looks a little like this:




the problem is that I want to pack only 'my_current_extension' but with the full file path from res://

If I wanted to do the full file path I would need to select 'App' as the root folder and deselect every other file but I have too many files for that to be something feasible so I was hoping there was an alternative way of customizing the file path used in the pck.

I was thinking like a textbox where I can write a custom path to attach to the front of the root folder path.

Like this: 'res://App/Extensions/' and then my root folder is 'my_current_extension'

This would remove the need to deselect a ton of misc files that I don't want exported.

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need to select ‘App’ as the root folder

Actually if you specify as the root C:/My/App, then inside the PCK there will be paths without App.

I think I need to add a preview of the paths inside the PCK 😅 (link)

It is also probably worth adding packing and extraction modes that would take into account only filtered/visible elements. (link)

Regarding the prefix, I created a issue


ahh good to know!

Thanks for taking my idea into consideration, I think your filter based pack/extracting is also a great feature to include as well!

This is a fantastic tool and I'm glad you are working on it. Thank you!

If I have any other ideas I'll be sure to let you know :)

Does it work on Encrypted 


Yes, it works with Encrypted PCKs, BUT you have to get the key yourself. Later, I’ll try to add some kind of “hacking” logic, probably it will be a separate program.

If you have an encrypted project, can you provide a link to it (exe + pck)? I will use it during development, if it is possible to get the key at all…
Here's Game Project in 3.3 version of Godot. I know it's illegal to Reap Someone project. But here i am Doing  it just for learning purpose and I'm working on latest Godot 4 Version. I have provide you all things.  Its  all embed in EXE only.  PCK i extract myself.


Oh, yes, this program does not support Godot 3 Encryption yet. So you can use it to open and unpack files, but they will remain encrypted.

This program, as I understand, it only works with Godot 3. Because it could not get the key from my Godot 4.0.2 test program.

But I like the idea of this program and I thought I would do a scan of the assembler of the program myself. But then I decided that it would be more difficult and I have already made my own program that iterates through all the bytes of the engine in search of the key. It is much slower (2-6 minutes), but thanks to this program I have greatly optimized GodotPCKExplorer.

Later, I may implement a key search in the assembler of the program.


Thanks for this program.  I didn't think I'd be able to extract the resources out of the game I was looking at. (It was just an exe by itself with no external files.)  But your program was able to find and extract the resources out of the exe, Thanks.  ^_^

Awesome, I was looking for something like this for a while! Thanks!

Thank you for this tool :)