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Can't wait for v4 ^_^

how to setup this module, i download the zip thing and what i do with it? In short, you need to run the editor downloaded from here, and run your project in it. Then your running project should be displayed in the Godot Remote app on your smartphone.

I apologize for such a delay in responding. doesn’t send me notifications for some reason :(

Oooh, so basically build that godot?

If you want your own build, then I have a little guide: In general, you can build Godot as usual, but with an additional module. Or download it here in the “Download” section.

Seems not working on Mac

me too.

Do you mean that it doesn’t work at all or you can’t find a running server in automatic mode? It’s just that macOS “cares about your security” and does not allow the use of UDP broadcast, which is used on other platforms to automatically determine the server address. If this is the problem, then you just need to manually specify the address of your macOS device in the application.

I apologize for such a delay in responding. doesn’t send me notifications for some reason :(

Hi, I can open the app and play the mini-game haha. But I can't pair it with Mac. It's hard to explain :( You might need to ask your friends who have a Mac. I'm not sure if it's my personal issue.

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You might need to ask your friends who have a Mac.

I don’t have such friends.

As a result, I spent a whole day installing macOS to confirm in a couple of minutes that everything was working as before.

The mode with auto server search does not work on macOS and will not, as I wrote above. To connect, you need to change the “Connection Type” to “WiFi” in the application and specify the address of your mac.

Use the ifconfig command in the terminal to find out the address of the computer on the local network (192.168.*.*). It is also advisable to activate this parameter in the editor debug/godot_remote/general/use_static_port.

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This is amazing! Thank you very much for developing this wonderful tool. Very useful.

it is realy use fulll i love