How to install OBS Notifier

Installing the OBS Notifier

In short, you just need to download OBS Notifier and connect to obs-websocket.

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Detailed Guide

1. Install OBS 28+

2. Download and unpack OBS Notifier: GitHub or itch

3. Run OBS Notifier (you may need to unblock the file, but this is usually not required)

4. In OBS, open the obs-websocket settings (steps 1, 2). Turn on the WebSocket server (step 3). Show connection information (step 4). Copy the server password (step 5).

5. In OBS Notifier, paste the previously copied password and click Connect. You may also need to specify the ip:port if the port in the obs-websocket server settings window differs from the standard one in OBS Notifier. Just enter localhost:[port from server settings], e.g. localhost:4455

6. Change the settings at your own choice

7. Close the settings window. The application will remain in the tray.

That’s all you need for all available notifications to work.

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