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This is a program for displaying notifications from OBS.

In order for the program to work, you need to install the obs-websocket or obs-websocket-compat (for OBS 28) plugin in your OBS.


  • Supports obs-websocket 4.9.1
  • Plugin system
  • Separate settings for each plugin
  • Adjusting the position and offsets of notifications
  • Configurable notification display time
  • Ability to choose which types of notifications to display
  • Ability to set custom settings
  • Highly customizable default plugin
  • Nvidia-like plugin out of the box


The "Replay Saved" notification does not work without using the modified version of obs-websocket 4.9.1 plugin. Because in obs-websocket 4.9.1 there is no support for the "ReplaySaved" event, and 4.9.1 is used because upgrading to version 5 is still in progress.

For more information on how to install this program and get working notifications about saving replays, read this article.

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Updated 11 days ago
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AuthorDmitriy Salnikov
Tagsnotifications, notifier, obs, obs-studio, utility


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I really like this plugin! At first, I thought there was something wrong with how I installed it because I followed all the steps thoroughly but it didn't work. But I noticed that some of my installed plugins weren't working as well, so I tried downgrading my OBS to version 27, and it's working perfectly! 

OBS seems to have broken a lot of plugins since the release of version 28. So if anyone's having plugin issues, try downgrading it to version 27 (make sure to backup Profiles, Scene Collections, and the like).

Thanks 🙂

I recently updated OBS Notifier and added a patched version of obs-websocket-compat.

I am currently using my patch for obs-websocket-compat 4.9.1, OBS Notifier 1.0.5 and OBS 28.0.1. But yes, some other plugins no longer work in OBS 28.

I may be stupid, but I'm pretty sure that right now the 'replay saved' notification doesn't work. Other notification works, but it doesn't show that i saved replay buffer. I don't know if it's a bug or if I don't know how to use it :P

If you have upgraded to OBS 28 and are using the compat version of obs-websocket, then this is normal behavior. Previously, I modified the regular (non-compat) version of obs-websocket to support this event.

At the moment I’m trying to get rid of most of the bugs while switching to the v5 version of obs-websocket. But perhaps there are still problems in the obs-websocket-dotnet library itself, which I use… I’ll probably try to update the compat version of the library first and release a new version with it.

I can no longer imagine how to use replays in OBS without these notifications 😅

Oh okay I understand. Thank you for replay and thank you for this app!

Today I will update the application with libraries that support the “Replay Saved” event. It will still be 4.9.1, but with OBS 28 support.

Version 1.0.5 is available. Check how it works now.

Finally someone made this! I got it up and running. I would be nice if the notification could be displayed on top of fullscreen games aswell.

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Yes, fullscreen notifications would be useful. But fullscreen mode means that the game window is displayed directly on the screen, so no other windows can be displayed. I know that in order to display overlays, you need to look for processes and integrate into them, but anti-cheats can consider this as hacking the game. It’s probably worth trying to add a mode where the notification window ignores all clicks and is displayed on top of borderless windows, but anti-cheats can also consider this hacking of the game.


Works perfectly! Had same issue as @PanterM but followed steps and now everything works! Thanks.


I love this, it makes it so much clearer when I actually started recording without having to display OBS on my other screen all the time. The only problem is that the notification for when a replay is saved is not working. I'm not sure if this is a problem on my end but all the other notifications are working even replay buffer on and off. I would apreciate if you could look into this as I do use replay buffer the most out of all other functions but i appreciate the time you already put into this.

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Thanks :)

Displaying notifications about saving replays is the main reason for creating this application.

In obs-websocket version 4.9.1, there is no support for the replay save event. So I had to make a modified version of the plugin. It is located in the custom_libs folder. I just wrote about installing this on the obs forum


Thank you very much. I appreciate the quick support even if I was a little slow to apply it. It works great now and I can't see how I used replay without it.