1.3.2 Update


  • Added the ClickThrough parameter for notification windows. This means that after activating this parameter, the notification window will be displayed visually, but it will be impossible to interact with it. You will be able to click on the windows under the notification. This parameter is ignored if ShowQuickActions is active. click
  • WPF’s Topmost parameter has been replaced with the HWND_TOPMOST flag, which makes the window permanently on top of other windows. The difference is especially noticeable if OBSN has UIAccess privileges (which is currently impossible to get legally, so I won’t embed this hack into OBSN) and notifications are displayed on top of DirectX games.
  • Disabled the ability to focus notification windows on mouse click. This should disable the focus switch from the game to the notification if the notification was opened on top of the fullscreen game.
  • Fixed a crash if the tray icon had too long status text.
  • Added a backup system for saving settings.
  • Added links to the support page and github issues in the settings window.
  • Added a hint on how to enable obs-websocket. hint

💲 About fullscreen 💲

To be able to display a notification window on top of fullscreen apps, I need a digital signature. I can try to use a UIAccess=true that will allow me to display notifications, like when switching music tracks or like an overlay of the Xbox Game Bar. But only over fullscreen DirectX apps. image (An actual example in a fullscreen game)

But the documentation says that this parameter is only available for assistive technologies. (Does anyone know examples of using this parameter?)

Anyway, whether I’m going to use UIAccess or inject into the game rendering process, I need a digital signature. Otherwise, it can lead to user bans.

A digital signature cannot be obtained for free! It can only be purchased from authorized certification authorities. Such a signature can cost from $50 to $600+ and usually requires a legal entity.

Therefore, I need your financial support if you need such a feature.

To get a new ClickThrough setting, click Fix Config image


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